Thursday, November 13, 2003

not everything has to happen for a least that's what I think

the purpose of doing something he? yeah.. what a title i made..
yeah, after I read an article from here .. i began to think..

what's the real purpose of making this blog? friend of mine told me maybe because I just want to make something new.. you know, just to copycat my friends..but that's not true! the reason i made this was because I want to have a hobby, which makes me comfortable and in the end, will be very useful for my future carrier..yeah, who knows?
a week ago I was just a, how fast time flies by..

anyway... udah gak bisa aku paksain ..
and I don't care .. this just me... just me!!!!!!!
dengan kelebihan dan kekuranganku !!!!

aku capek... aku ga mau lagi kayak gini.. everything is just so absurb.. I have no place to go, AL..
please.. come again.. love me again...please...
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